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Pallets & Wooden Pallets Kettering & Corby

A pallet is a very useful material when it comes to shipping; it enhances sturdy fastening and safe transportation of different types of loads. Alpha Pallets is a firm that focuses on providing pallet solutions made from wood and plastic; so customers have numerous options to pick from depending on the intended use of the product. We also offer recycling services – this means irreparable pallets don’t have to go to waste anymore.

The wooden products we manufacture can be customized to specific requirements based on client needs and if you do not know what to go for, we can guide you so that you settle on the most suitable option. We understand that a client may also want to test a pallet prior to committing themselves to a purchase, and this is why we provide a sample when necessary.

Wooden Pallets In Kettering & Corby

Wooden pallets are cheap, strong and recyclable; hence we repair them in order to take full advantage of the wood. Through recycling, the product can be restored into pristine condition. Our services are available to companies all around the country including those in Kettering and Corby. If you have a stock of used wooden pallets therefore, you simply need to sell them to us to maximize on your available space.

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While we produce high quality items, we also provide delivery services to our customers in Kettering and Corby. A modified pallet may take longer to deliver, but generally, we get the products to our clients within 24 hours from the time an order is placed. No matter the product you need, you can be confident to have your expectations met.

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