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Pallets & Wooden Pallets Coventry & Wellingborough

For storage or for transporting your goods on a budget we provide thoroughly inspected and quality tested used and reconditioned pallets. We keep over 2000 of these in stock in a wide variety of sizes and materials, ready to deliver to businesses in locations across the country including Wellingborough and Coventry. So whether you are a small business, a private customer, or a large industrial client, Alpha has the stock to meet your needs.

Services offered by Alpha include production tailored to your specification, meeting your needs regarding size and material, as well as providing advice should you be unsure of your needs. If for example you are storing goods in a tight space, or your product does not suit being transported in a traditional way, our bespoke design service will help you to find the solution you need.

Durable Plastic & Wooden Pallets

We have been providing plastic and Wooden Pallets to a wide range of clients since 1988. Based in Northampton, we specialise in providing new and recycled Wooden Pallets of the highest quality, and cater to all potential clients in the Coventry and Wellingborough areas.

Located a Short Distance From Coventry & Wellingborough

We also offer a clearance service and are always willing to remove wooden or plastic crates which you may have around your building site, place of business, or home. These can be reconditioned or recycled according to your needs. Our clearance service is the perfect way to keep your premises safe and tidy, as well as making sure that your valuable business space is kept free for its intended purpose.

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