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Pallet Recycling Kettering & Corby

Operating in Kettering and Corby, Alpha Pallets provide a renowned pallet recycling and clearance service. We are able to make sure that any unwanted pallets are completely recycled. A Duty of Care notice is given regarding all of our collections, we also have a Waste Carriers Licence. We pay for any pallets that have a value and can pay in cash, by cheque, Bacs, or offer credit concerning quality pallets you may require in the future.

Reliable Pallet Repairs in Kettering & Corby

After your pallets have been collected from your property in Kettering or Corby, the process of recycling will begin on our premises Northampton. From here, the pallets will be sorted and then graded. When pallets can't be repaired they will be stripped down by our pallet dismantling machinery so that only the original components are left. Any components that have been stripped down will then be sorted and cut to size. They will then be utilised for pallet repair and to make new pallets from old.

When there are instances of offcuts or timber being unusable the material will be turned into wood chip following its reprocessing. There are many uses for wood chippings and these include being used for animal bedding and for particleboard manufacture.

Why Recycle Your Pallets?

Recycled timber is used to repair broken pallets and we can assure you that this process is 100% environmentally friendly. Research in the US recently proved that recycled pallets actually have the edge, in terms of strength, over those that are made from new wood.

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For more information on the pallet services we offer throughout Kettering and Corby, please call our friendly team today!

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