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Wood vs Plastic Pallets

When choosing your pallets there are many things to consider including the material they are made from, the specific conditions of your product and industry requirements. The majority of pallets are still made from wood however plastic is a popular option too. Both of these materials have their advantages and disadvantages and this evaluation should help weigh out the two.

wooden pallets stacked


Wooden pallets are around three times cheaper than plastic ones which is why they have become 10 times more popular. However, they are cheaper for a reason and plastic pallets can still be very beneficial.


Despite how much more expensive plastic pallets can be, they do last for over 10 years whereas wooden pallets have a typical life span of around 3-5. However, these numbers are only a guideline and plastic pallets can easily break before 10 years and wooden pallets could last longer than 5 with the right care.


Wooden pallets are biodegradable so if they were to break and get thrown away, they will do no harm to the earth and decompose into the ground in time. Plastic pallets, on the other hand, are not biodegradable but unlike wooden pallets, when they are broken and in need of a replacement, the plastic material can be melted and remoulded so nothing is going to waste.

plastic pallets


If a plastic pallet was to break it’s not easy like with wood to repair, where new parts can replace old ones by simply nailing or glueing them down. When plastic pallets break they need to be melted and re-made into new ones which can be frustrating considering the price. However, the thing to consider is that by the time these pallets break it could be about 7 years down the line in which time your wooden pallets will be long gone.


Plastic pallets are around 30% lighter than wooden ones, therefore, becoming a lot easier to use. Despite this, they may not be an option depending on what you plan to use them for since they can’t bear as much weight as the wooden ones can.

Weather Conditions

Wooden pallets may be practical in many ways but they need a lot more care than plastic ones. If they get wet, fungus will grow into the wood in a matter of days resulting in softening and decay. The best way to prevent this is to keep them completely dry. Plastic, on the other hand, can be used in all climate conditions and won’t cause any problems.

wooden pallets

Whether you are looking for long life or cheap materials, something good for the environment or something that can be used anywhere, hopefully, this guide has helped you determine which pallet is right for you.

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