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What Type of Wood Are Pallets Made From In The UK

Wooden pallets are widely popular across many industries for being a cost-effective solution that can be recycled, reused and easy repaired if broken.

Pallets can be made from a variety of different woods, however, it often depends on which country they are manufactured. Pallet producers, such as ourselves, use wood from trees that have a faster rate of growth and that are constantly available. This automatically makes hardwood a less unattractive option as it comes from trees with a slower rate growth which also makes it a more expensive material. Softwood trees, on the other hand, grow faster so they have significantly more supply.

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This being said, it may come as a surprise that both hardwood and softwood are used in the UK to produce pallets. In fact, the most common kinds of timber used are pine and oak, which are softwood and hardwood respectively.

The bottom line is that any wood can be used, however, three things are considered by pallet manufacturers to choose which ones will be used: the availability of the wood, the cost, and whether or not that kind of wood meets the UK regulations.

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