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Creative Things You Can Do With Wooden Pallets

Used to transport goods or store items in a warehouse, wooden pallets are a common byproduct of logistics and retail. Pallets can also be repurposed in a variety of ways and reusing second hand pallets is a great alternative to buying new timber for a DIY project.

Here are seven creative things you can do with wooden pallets, whether buying new pallets for the purpose or recycling reconditioned ones.


Wooden Pallet Table & Chairs

Pallets can be easily transformed into a rustic table and chairs – simply stack a few to form a table, and fix two pallets together to create the back and seat of a chair. Unlike expensive, off-the-shelf furniture, there’s no need to worry about leaving this seating set outdoors, as weathering will only add to its handcrafted charm.


Wooden Pallet Planters

The slats of a wooden pallet are perfect for repurposing as a planter for flowers, fruit, or vegetables and will give your garden a casual, country vibe. Look for pallets that have been heat treated rather than chemical treated to avoid any unwanted chemicals in your homegrown produce.


Wooden Pallet Vertical Garden

The design of wooden pallets also makes them great for standing on end to create a vertical garden – a cosy home for herbs or trailing plants that works well on a patio or balcony where space is limited. Use the full height of a pallet to gain plenty of room for planting, or cut one down to a smaller size so it can be hung from a garden wall.


Wooden Pallet Privacy Screen

Pallets can easily double-up as a simple fence or privacy screen and will offer even more coverage with climbing plants growing up the slats. Use this idea to section off areas of the garden or to hide unsightly features from view, like the household bins or water butt.


Wooden Pallet For Storage

From shelving to organise a shed or garage, to a shoe rack that keeps the hallway tidy, wooden pallets can be used to store a variety of things around the home. Opt for reconditioned pallets rather than new for a cheap way to get timber for your DIY storage project – and do your bit for the planet by recycling too.


Wooden Pallet Bed

Want to add a guest bed to your spare room for visiting friends and family? Wooden pallets make a great base for a bed – use two to form a single bed, and four for a double. For a flexible floorplan, add castors to the bottom of the pallets so the bed can be easily moved if needed.


Wooden Pallet Wedding Ideas

Wooden pallets are perfect for addings a handcrafted touch to a rustic or rural wedding. Whether used to display the table plan, to create informal seating, or as a treat table, pallets will enhance a wedding that has a relaxed, homemade theme, while also saving the bride and groom money.


Buy New or Reconditioned Pallets

Alpha Pallets supply both new and reconditioned pallets from our base in Northampton and can provide the wooden pallets you need for any DIY project. Visit our site or call us on 01604 230579 to buy pallets to bring your plans to life.

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