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Cost Effective & Convenient: The Benefits Of Pallet Recycling

If your business is involved in the construction, logistics, or transportation sectors, you will surely be aware of the many advantages of using pallets.

Pallets can reduce your manpower requirements and lower your handling and transportation costs; but have you stopped to think about what you should do once a pallet reaches the end of its useful life? Pallet recycling is an increasingly popular option among business owners, and not just for the environmental benefits. In our latest article, we run through how taking up pallet recycling can help your business.

Improved Safety At Your Premises

Damaged or worn-down pallets can pose a safety hazard at your business premises; to avoid accidents and injuries, get old pallets recycled and keep your site safe and clutter-free.

Environmental Benefits

Just like other types of recycling, pallet recycling is an environmentally friendly practice. Every year, millions of pallets that could have been reused end up in landfills, and only 3% of the 700 million pallets that are in use worldwide are actually recycled. Pallet recycling minimises fuel usage and greenhouse emissions too.

Generate Additional Income

As a business owner, running cost-effective operations is surely one of your main concerns. It would seem that buying new pallets and disposing of them once they are worn out is a waste of money, so pallet recycling solves this problem. Returned pallets often have some value, so don’t just throw them into a skip. We will often pay for any used pallets that we collect – we assess their condition and usability, and pay for anything with any value. This means that pallet recycling is also a profitable option that should be explored by every business owner.

Pallets Can Be Reused

Did you know that recycled pallets have proven to be stronger and more resistant than newly manufactured pallets? During the pallet recycling process, the wood is seasoned and repaired so that it offers extra strength. In fact, some studies have found that on average, recycled pallets are 13 per cent stronger than new pallets, which are often made of ‘wet’ wood that is prone to warping and cracking.

Next time you need to purchase pallets or recycle your existing stock, contact the pallet recycling experts at Alpha Pallets. Our team consists of highly specialised staff who are trained to verify every part of the pallets we supply. This ensures that you get a premium-quality product all the time and every time. For all your pallet needs, get in touch with our expert team and let us what we can do for you.

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